Exchange/ Return Policy


Dear customer ,  we strictly follow the NO Exchange NO return policy in nearly All cases because our products are handmade and hand embroidered. although we always try to send you the best of our products , but if still you are facing the issue then we may offer the 7 days exchange in below conditions –


      1. Size issues are not subjected for return or exchange , also size tags could           be wrong due to handmade clothing , make sure that you have measured the         products correctly before placing the exchange or return request on our email.

       2. Colors variations and size differences are not the subject for exchange or return. we always send the same size which you have asked if it doesnt fit you we will not exchange on that case also, color variations could happen because of the lighting while taking a pic of products. it is solely depended upon us after reading your mail if we want to give your exchange or return/refund. but nearly all of the cases we dont return/refund/exchange the products based on color or size. we strictly follow no return no exchange policy.                                                                                                                                                                                                           3.  if you think the threads are coming out of the clothes that is also not the reason for exchange or return . we dont offer return or exchange based on threads issues , because chikankari is handmade  Chikankari embroidery threads are slightly long and are not cut too short to ensure the embroidery is protected.            4. If you got the defected piece from our side than make a video (while opening parcel No cut Video) of that defect and send us to our registered email address we we will analyse and based upon that send you the other instructions for exchange only if we think that. defected pieces case is also depended on our analysis . it is depended on our return/exchange teams investigation based on your pics and mails whether we exchange it or not.                                                               

         5. Please note that if any garment has been customised for colour/size, it will not be eligible for exchange or return.

         6.products bought on discounted price or from discounted coupon , are not eligible for refund/exchange.

         7.Please note that all order related queries will only be valid and answered on the email mentioned may expect reply within seven working days, Any after-sale query will not be handled via WhatsApp/Instagram DM

         8.We do not accept exchanges of used, washed, torned, ironed, or altered products and also dont accept return or exchange based upon size, color and design variations.

         9.Returns and exchanges are solely depended upon the brand, after seeing your query we will decide whether we want to take the product or not. size , color and design variations are not the subjects of exchange/return.

        10. Exchange/return not available for international orders.

         11. Products Exchange Offers only Once

         12 • We shall not be deemed for exchange or any smal| issues such as thread underneath the reversible side. Since in Chikankari embroidery threads are
slightly long and are not cut too short to ensure the embroidery is protected.


What is the exchange time period?

  1. We may offer exchange only on those queries which comes to us within 7 working days from the day of delivery received by you.
  2. if in any case we have exchanged the product We offer an exchange for orders only once. 


The exactness of Product not Guarantee

At LVW Fashion, we disclaim any guarantees of the exactness of a particular product you order from us. Since Chikankari is hand-printed and hand-embroidered each product is created in its own unique way by different human hands. Thus having slight dissimilarities is the natural outcome of human involvement in the process. These slight variations in the stitches and patterns make the art of Chikankari and your product unique and one of a kind.

The quality of the product, information, or service may not meet the desired expectations. 


    1. Write an email to us at with the subject “EXCHANGE and your ORDER NUMER. Example Exchange of order #2280
    2. Mention the reason for your exchange in the mail.
    3. We do not provide reverse pickups, you have to send the product back to us in proper packaging. If the product comes back in bad condition the exchange will be nullified.
    4. Once we receive the package and the quality is ensured by us. We will provide you the exchanged suit to your delivery address.
    5. The rest of the details will be shared with you over the mail accordingly.
    6. We dont support the pickup , so if we agree to exchange than you need to send the product to us by your own money. we dont send the shipping charge for any products which is being returned or exchanged.